Of the People, By the People, For the People

an intuitive, ever-evolving to-do list with real task dependencies

Tasknik is an intuitive to-do list, created by users, with users. Organize your ideas, set due dates, create task dependencies, take notes and share your projects.

task dependencies

Decide which tasks are stopping you from completing your current task and which tasks are dependent upon you completing your current task. You can set multiple dependencies for a single task and have unlimited dependency chain lengths. Dependencies can be set in two ways – quickly via drag and drop and by editing the task in the details section.

nested projects

Organize your tasks by grouping them into projects and sub projects. To create a hierarchical order, simply drag and drop them around.

drag & drop

Do everything intuitively - simply rearrange your shortcuts and projects or visually set task dependencies. Tasknik also enables you to drag one task into more than just one project.


Repeat your task every time after its completion (for example, after 3 weeks) or create a task with a fixed schedule, for instance repeat it every other Monday and Wednesday. The choice is yours.

duedate & deadline

Differentiate between planning to do something and setting a hard deadline about when it actually needs to be finished. And, you can only see the deadline when you really need to, so it doesn’t distract you all the time. Also, you can set a specific time for your due date as well as deadline, by either using date picker or quickly via keyboard.

batch editing

When something urgent comes up and you need to reschedule your whole project, simply select all the desired tasks and change their due dates and/or deadlines at the same time. By selecting different tasks, you can see their common characteristics in the details sections, where you can also edit them.


Share as many projects as you wish, with as many contacts as you wish. Just add the people you know as your Tasknik contacts. This way you can delegate some of your responsibilities and at the same time accept tasks from your contacts as well.

rich text comments

Add comments to your tasks and gather all the information you need to complete the task in just one place. You can use it just as you would use your favorite word processor, embed photos and even videos! When sharing your projects, your contacts can also comment on tasks or edit the already existing comments.

advanced filtering

Filter tasks in a quick and simple manner. You can filter them according to their due date, dependency upon other tasks and status. In addition, you can also sort your tasks alphabetically, according to their due date or priority.

custom shortcuts

Save yourself lots of time by saving your frequent searches as shortcuts, which consist of selected filters and projects. This way, you are able to find what you are looking for in a split second.

your opinion matters

We take customer feedback very seriously, so feel free to share any ideas, thoughts or complaints you may have. Our goal is to create a todo app that is designed according to users’ preferences and, therefore, strives to meet your needs perfectly. Tasknik is the place where your wishes come true.

constant development & improvement

Tasknik is like a living organism – constantly growing, developing and maturing. You can see improvements regularly and they are always driven by the needs, wishes and requirements of our users.